Next week is Thanksgiving, so this week’s apps include a few that will be fun or useful for groups–whether you’re delayed at the airport or sitting around the table after dinner.

Two apps in particular fit this idea: FotoSwipe and #FaceParty. There’s another that takes the “giving” part of of the holiday very seriously called ResQwalk (it’s under the iOS heading but it’s available for Android too). So definitely check those out, but stay to show the others some love too.



It’s not the most difficult thing in the world to send a photo via text or email when someone asks for a copy, but we all forget to do it for one reason or another. FotoSwipe makes the sending process painless and quick—plus it works cross-platform, between iOS and Android. It requires that both parties (sender and receiver) have the app installed, an internet connection, and location services turned on. After that, all you have to do is select the media and swipe to send the file(s). If you’re not on wifi, the app also has an option to send compressed quality photos or video. (Free)



“Launchify is not a launcher.” Eh, who needs another launcher app anyway? This non-launcher app gets to know you and points you in the direction of whatever app it thinks you’re going to reach for next with a handy shortcut bar. But it will also edit those shortcuts based on where you are, what time it is, or whether or not you’re driving somewhere. The bar itself shows up in your navigation bar or lock screen. (Free)




From the same group that made Crumbles comes this brand new app called #FaceParty. It’s a GIF creation app with a twist, because instead of only one short looped video there are four. The app spits out a photo booth-style 2x2 GIF grid that can be exported to your social media accounts, or saved as a video or GIF. And just like the crumbles app before it, #FaceParty is incredibly easy to navigate and slightly addictive to use. The developers say that they’re working on adding filters and Facebook integration in a later release. (Free)



Looking for a cause to donate some time? ResQwalk helps you raise money for any of more than 2,000 animal welfare organizations all over the U.S. and Canada by walking. And the best part is, none of the money raised has to come out of your pocket. Each month the app’s creators put together a pool that includes cash and product contributions from corporate sponsors. After selecting a “ResQpartner” (that’s the organization you want raise money for) you can go for a walk–and your exercise will earn that organization part of the pool. As long as the GPS is on, the walk, jog or run counts. Anything faster than 14 mph doesn’t count—so no cheating. ResQWalk is also available for Android. (Free)

Windows Phone



Even though it’s not actually made by Facebook, the official Facebook app for Windows Phone is finally out of beta. If you were using the beta app before this release, that app will likely keep getting updates, but this new “official” release will be more stable than the beta version going forward. To be honest, this app still isn’t perfect—it’s missing really simple things like the ability to reply to a specific comment in a thread. But if you’re tired of using your browser to get on Facebook, at least there’s an option now. The app supports Windows 8.1 and newer. (Free)


So, you’ve been wanting to learn a new language or brush up on one you’ve neglected since high school. Duolingo is a really good, free option to try picking it up again—whether that language is Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, or English. It’s also kind of fun to use the Duolingo app because the platform gives learning a game-like environment, allowing users to track progress and earn achievements as they go. Duolingo is also available on Android and iOS. (Free)


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