Our Favorite iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Happy Friday, friends! We all know it's been a big week for iPhones—and they've certainly been getting a lot of attention. But app creators cannot live on iOS alone, so don't worry. We've got plenty of Android and Windows Phone goodies for you, as well. So dig in, and have a fantastic weekend.


List Weaver


List Weaver is a minimalist to-do app that's refreshing because it isn't looking for users. Or more accurately it's not compulsively looking to rope people in. There's more of a fly to honey strategy going on here. You build to-do lists in the app like normal, but then you can share links to the lists with supported apps like Mail or Dropbox. Once a friend, family member, colleague or whoever receives the link they can view and edit the list without having to join List Weaver or go through any type of login. [Free]


Snap a picture of a wine label, and just like a more alcoholic Shazam, Delectable will identify the bottle at hand as one of over 2 million (and growing) it has stored in its database. Once identified, the app will tell you everything you need to know about your bottle, and you're free to tag friends, mark locations, rate your favorites, and jot down notes to let your remember personal details. In Delectable's newest incarnation, though, you'll now alos get personalized wine recommendations based on your previous ratings along with an interactive map that shows you exactly where your booze came from. [Free]

Spoiler Shield


Nobody likes accidentally coming across a spoiler for their favorite show on social media. Spoiler Shield is an app that prevents spoilers by blocking mentions of popular shows and games on Facebook and Twitter. Of course, for it to work you're going to have to browse your Twitter and Facebook in the app itself, but 'tis a small price to pay for a spoiler-free lifestyle. [Free]


Nice Weather


If you're looking to rock the iOS 7 look, Nice Weather is the way to go with its simple, flat interface. The app delivers the forecast for the next 5 days by using a temperature line graph, wind and precipitation icons, and a colored background that mirrors the weather. Nice Weather automatically updates and you can even access it offline. [Free]



Contactive makes it easy to dodge unwanted attention, by putting a name and face to unknown callers. The app uses its own global directory, as well as social media profiles to give you as much information as possible. You'll also be able to sync up existing contacts with their social media presence for real-time updates. [Free]



Too lazy to ship stuff through eBay? Sold makes things easy by selling your unwanted electronics and accessories for you. All you have to do is snap a photo of the item and post it to the app with a description—Sold will take care of the pricing and match you with a buyer. Once that's done, you'll get prepaid shipping materials in the mail. Throw your goods in a box and schedule a drop off or pickup through the app. [Free]




Bored with your phone? Switch things up with just one click by using Themer, which hits the Google Play store on October 1st. It'll tweak your phone's homescreen with custom widgets, icons, backgrounds and more—-and they've already made available about 50 different themes. [Free]

Windows Phone



City dwellers the world over know the green-red-and-orange 7-Eleven sign means snacking salvation. This app helps you find your nearest shop, gives you coupons, and makes product suggestions "personalized for you". Though that probably means beef jerky for everyone. [Free]



If you use Feedly to keep up with news and events on your computer, Phonly will bring your feed to your phone (get it? Phonly?). The app also supports InstaPaper and Pocket so you'll never be without something to read or learn about. [Free]

Photo Glitch


This app lets you navigate the best spots in town like a local, even if it's your first day in town. The local search function po(y)nts you toward movie theaters, restaurants, gas stations and events, with nearby offers and fuel price info (in certain countries). You can also make restaurant reservations, navigate, watch movie trailers and call your points of interest in-app.[Free]

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