Some Shooting Challenges are crazy-popular, others, usually falling over the holidays, are eerily quiet. So this week, for our Rockwell remake results, we're going to highlight our favorite of a small bunch, by Andrew Drozd.

I am a graphic design teacher at the Academy of Urban Planning, a public high school in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. On Wednesday we created cards and buttons to express gratitude for loved ones. Moments before class, though, I spotted the Rockwell contest on Gizmodo and thought this would be a great learning opportunity. My kids were unfamiliar with "Freedom from Want" but now have a deeper appreciation for Rockwell's art; a few included his paintings in to their Holiday cards.


My students (all seniors and 18) are, from left to right, Gendyliss Almanzar, Angel Flores, Isenia Sanchez, Brandon Perez, Caroline Mateo, Carlos Rios, Alexandra Cruz and Michael Rivera.

Thanks for inspiring this teachable moment!

My camera: Olympus SP-570UZ.

It was a clever idea, using a composite in this shot to mix worlds old and it meant that Drozd didn't need to cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner just to get the shot! (Then again, it means no delicious leftovers, either.)


Thanks for sharing the story, Andrew, and for letting Giz corrupt the minds of a few more of the young and impressionable.