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Our First Look At Chris Hemsworth In Action In The New Ghostbusters!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Game of Thrones set photos show Arya Stark in trouble. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man could have a bigger role in Captain America: Civil War than we thought. Another familiar face is returning to Arrow. Plus new casting for Star Trek Beyond and a beloved Chuck actor joins The X-Files. To me, my Spoilers!


Behind the scenes filming on movie has given a picture of Chris Hemsworth’s “receptionist” character riding into action on the Ecto-2 bike.


Captain America: Civil War

Although many assumed that Tom Holland had finished filming his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Civil War, that doesn’t appear to be the case—the young actor has been spotted around Berlin, where filming is currently ongoing for the movie. Vulture editor Kyle Buchanan also noted that, as of last weekend’s D23 Expo, Holland had officially been added to the starring cast of the film. [CBR]


Batman v Superman

Costume designer Michael Wilkinson teases some “secret” details about the costumes of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman:

Zack [Snyder] had a great idea to have some Kryptonian script subliminally included in the details of the [Superman] suit, so we made that happen. There is ancient Greek script on Wonder Woman’s weapons too. My favorite details of the batsuit are the brass knuckles on the gloves.

[People’s Choice]

Star Trek Beyond

The film has cast British actress Lydia Wilson, as well as Joe Taslim and Sofia Boutella, all in undisclosed roles. [Variety]


Ant-Man/Marvel Universe

During an impromptu Facebook Q&A, Evangeline Lilly has confirmed she has been fitted for a Wasp suit—despite the fact that Hope Van Dyne most likely won’t reappear as Wasp until either Infinity War or a hypothetical Ant-Man sequel. [CBR]


Yakuza Apocalypse

Samuel Goldwyn Films has announced that they have acquired North American rights to Takashi Miike’s comedic-vampire-action-thriller about a Vampiric Yakuza boss on a quest for revenge against the foreign syndicate that murdered his mentor. [Coming Soon]


Game of Thrones

Now that Arya Stark has been blinded, will a girl stay out of trouble? Not judging from these brand new set photos, which show her getting into some pretty deep water. Also notice she’s wearing a tunic instead of her Faceless Men robes now. Photos by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images [h/t The Independent]


The X-Files

The show has cast Chuck’s Vik Sahay in a guest role. Little is known about his character, other than that it will be someone who “Mulder turns to for information for a case”. [TV Guide]


Fear The Walking Dead

Elizabeth Rodridguez discusses the path her character Liza takes in the series:

As a nursing student, in the coming episodes I end up finding that is what I can do. I have to ultimately lie and tell people in the community that I am a nurse so they can trust me and have instincts to sort of kick in and do what I can, until a doctor shows up, and then she tells me to go with her and help more people. And I end up seeing things on a grander scale and discovering other things that the rest of the family doesn’t know about. I end up leaving my family and becoming really fancy in this story.


[Entertainment Weekly]


Charlotte Ross will reprise her role as Felicity’s mother in the show’s fourth season. Donna Smoak will appear in the sixth episode of the season. [TV Line]



Sad news, Haven fans: Syfy have confirmed that the fifth season of the show will be its last—however, showrunner Gabrielle Stanton says that the final episode of the show will be left open-ended. [The Wrap]


Luna: New Moon

CBS is working on a TV adaptation this as-yet-unreleased novel by Ian Macdonald, about five feudal families warring for dominance of the Moon. NCIS showrunner Shane Brennan will handle the script. [Den of Geek]



Here’s a sneak peek for “The Other Side”.

Under The Dome

Finally, a gallery of pictures from “Love is a Battlefield” have been released—go to the link to see more. [Ksite TV]


Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Top image: Ghostbusters.