Palm Foleo in Motion

Now that the Palm Foleo is official, you're probably wondering how it looks in motion. Here's a tiny video with Jeff Hawkins demoing the unit.


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fizzer fits

Color me unimpressed unless the price point on this sucker is sub 300 bucks.

Until a year ago, I used an LG Phenom (errmm, I used the model after this one, I think… ) which is basically what this PALM thing is, except smaller; perfect for writing a paper/piece-o-shit-novel or performing simple office work while traveling.

To this day, it's the only device which I have found that has a comfortable keyboard in a really small form factor; I bought it on ebay for 100 smackers about 4 years ago. I mean, one of those super small Sony Vaios would have been a better piece of kit (albeit a bit bigger), but I don't have the 2.2k to spend on those things.

I have enough devices that try to be a jack of all trades. I just want to type comfortably without having to lug around a big, expensive laptop - you can throw in some easy Interweb access if you want, but I'll sacrifice that capability for cost as I have a phone and some other gadgety travel stuff that can access all of that.