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If you want a bluetooth headset to go along with your Treo 700p, 700w or 650, and really dig having all your gadgets say "Palm", you're just the target audience for this Ultralight Wireless Headset.

Palm repackaged the Plantronics 645 bluetooth headset, which like this, has a measly three hours of talk time. After a few months of usage, the thing will be down to an hour and a half and you'll be cursing as your Bluetooth headset dies yet again. Good thing there's a pocket AAA charger that you can use to charge between calls to push this up to "9" hours of talk time.


The price of the Plantronics Discovery 645 is actually $40 more at $169 compared to the Palm $129, so it's actually a fairly good deal. If you're looking for more talk time though, go for the Plantronics Discovery 640 which boasts five hours talk time (fifteen with the charger).

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