Parallels 3.0 Supports 3D Windows Gaming, SmartSelect

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One of the main reasons why Mac users still use Boot Camp to run Windows Natively instead using virtualization software like Parallels is its lack of 3D gaming (OpenGL and DirectX) support. In Parallels Desktop version 3.0, now in final candidate development, you can finally use 3D gaming without rebooting.


The other major feature is "SmartSelect," which allows users to open a file in either a OS X or Windows program directly from OS X. You won't have to fire up the Windows program first and open it the long way. New versions cost $79 and upgrade versions are $39 if you buy before June 6.

Product Page [Parallels via MacWorld]

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quite simply, db2, it's the independent aplications. My experience with parallels across a few hundred systems at my university has been that it is incredibly unforgiving and unstable when running anything that's not Word or Adobe sorts of applications, the applications large institutions, such as the largest university system in the world, use for their daily functions.

in this environment, one simply cannot buy an off the shelf application that meets the needs of their institution.

100% of the time, if we install bootcamp and xp we have Zero issues, as the OS is not being emulated, it is just the OS. 25% of the time with parallels we have zero issues, as the OS is being emulated and is not simply a clean install.

I'd wager you'd find similar results with anyone running custom applications and such experiences account directly for the disparity in responses.