Paramount's New President Is Trying to Figure Out What to Do About the Star Trek Movies

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Chris Pine as Kirk in Star Trek: Beyond.
Chris Pine as Kirk in Star Trek: Beyond.
Image: Paramount

While Star Trek’s TV offerings are flourishing, the films are stuck in somewhat of a rut. After the plans for a fourth Abrams-helmed Trek fell apart, the studio hasn’t had a lot of clarity over what to do with the property, with several film ideas, including one famously pushed by Quentin Tarantino, being floated, tentatively put into production, and then lost into the ether of production hell.

With recently appointed film group president Emma Watts, formerly of Fox, now taking the helm at Paramount, that seems primed to finally change. As reported by Deadline, one of Watts’s top priorities at her new job is to figure out what, exactly, to do about the Star Trek movies. Per these plans, it seems the Trek movie written and slated to be directed by Noah Hawley (Legion, Fargo)is on hold. While Hawley is still attached to the project, it’s paused for now, as is the project written by Mark L. Smith (The Revenant) which was, at one time, set to be directed by Quentin Tarantino, though per the Deadline report he is no longer attached to the project.

What does that leave? Well, not making a Star Trek movie isn’t an option, so that means returning to the idea of bringing back the original rebooted cast for another go at it, though likely without Abrams. That original project got held up due to contract disputes and the sheer cost of the star power on display in that franchise. But with Star Trek a bigger name on television than it’s been in decades, Paramount has a strong incentive to find the money and get something moving sooner rather than later. 


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