Party Monster: Money, Success, Fame, Glamour

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Set in 1980s and 90s New York City, Party Monster (2003) tells the true story of Michael Alig (Macaulay Culkin), a small-town boy from Indiana who moved to New York and became arguably the most legendary club-kid party-promote of the era.

A heavy drug user, Michael was known for his always-outrageous behavior, along with his equally bizarre and extravagant friend James St. James (Seth Green), who upon Michael's arrival in the city taught him "the rules of fabulousness" and groomed Michael for his eventual title: "King of the Club Kids."

At his peak, Michael was surrounded by a loyal posse of club-kid friends. At his lowest, Michael hit rock-bottom in his drug use, killing his dealer along the way.


The film is based on Disco Bloodbath, the autobiographical "novel" James St. James wrote after Michael and his girlfriend Gitsie (Chloe Sevigny) left the scene to clean up and dry out at a residential rehab facility.


The movie is a dirty carnival funhouse on LSD + ecstasy + crazy. It's rill good. [Netflix]