Paul McGann's Latest Doctor Who Adventure Doesn't Have One Master, But Four

The Day of the Master is upon us.
The Day of the Master is upon us.
Image: Big Finish

They are the Masters, and you will obey them!

Big Finish has announced a brand new audio adventure for Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor that will, for the first time since his debut in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie, reunite the actor with Eric Roberts’ wild, shades-wearing take on The Master. But McGann’s first Master won’t be alone—just as the Doctor is wont to do every once in a while, the sinister Time Lord is bringing along a few versions of himself for the ride.


A four-part story acting as the grand finale of the current series of Eighth Doctor audio adventures, Ravenous Four will see the Eighth Doctor and his current companions Liv and Helen (played by Nicola Walker and Hattie Morahan) make an uneasy alliance with a deranged Time Lord known as the Eleven (played by Mark Bonnar), who can somehow retain the personalities of their past incarnations within their latest regenerated body. But why is the Doctor teaming up with a such a malevolent figure? Because the threat he’s facing is a union between four different incarnations of one of his most infamous rivals: The Master (or Missy, to her frenemies), as played by the aforementioned Roberts, Geoffery Beevers, Derek Jacobi, and Michelle Gomez.

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It’s a bunch of firsts beyond just reuniting Roberts and McGann’s Master and Doctor—it’s the first time he’ll have faced either Missy or Beevers’ incarnation of the character too, and while McGann has yet to go up against Jacobi’s “War Master” quite yet, he’ll do so in a standalone Time War story set to release in July before this all goes down. But still, it’s fun to see the Master get in on one of these multi-incarnation team ups! Ravenous Four is set to release in October, and can be pre-ordered over on the official Big Finish website.

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This is weird because I could sware that Missy was a SURPRISE REVEAL at some point for the Modern Era Doctors. Which is damned hard to sustain if she’s introduced to the flock of flockin’ Masters during Mcgann’s tenure.

Kinda paints him as feeble-minded, is all I’m saying.