PC Builder Decides To Optimize User, Creates Performance-Enhancing Drug

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How's this for a blurring of the line between man and machine? German PC builder Tomarni specializes in super-silent machines as well as, it seems, some gaming systems. Having tweaked all that there was to tweak to achieve "maximum performance" on the PCs themselves, they claim it was time to face up to the real weakest link: that damn human user. The solution? A performance-enhancing pill called FpsBrain.


Here it is, in Tomarni's own words:

Being ambitious computer players ourselves, we are almost daily working on optimizing our computer systems in order to achieve maximum performance. Despite all the investment, one factor has not been considered: the player himself. FpsBrain was developed to maximize the playing skills of the computer player.


Some other scary-sounding tidbits:

• FpsBrain contains only ingredients that have been tested and are approved in Germany.

• FpsBrain is mostly being used by professional computer players.

• All our staff use FpsBrain at least four times a week to enhance their mental performance and their work efficiency.


I bring this to your attention because the philosophy—tweak the machine all you can, then start tweaking the user—freaks me out in a Brave New World sort of way. The drug itself is not anything worth buying, from what I can tell. Judging from the complete list of ingredients, it's really just a multivitamin with a splash of caffeine. Save yourself the import duties, and have a Centrum and a Coke instead. [FpsBrain; Tomarni]

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