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People Who Did Not Get Rich and/or Famous Coding Want You to Code

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you find this new batch of PSAs hilariously awkward, you're in good company. I literally yelped when I heard Nas say "I just did 15 lines of code." There are more than a dozen new videos from the everyone can code organization, and they're all just a wonderful gift.

There's absolutely no problem with empowering people to learn a new technology. But these clips are presented completely without context and are mostly about 20 or so seconds long. That, and while these people are rich and famous, they are 100 percent not rich and famous from their ability to write an app or build a website.


Here's actress Angela Bassett touting her coding skills.

Oh and former NFL star Warren Sapp is VERY enthusiastic on his progress with coding.

You better goddamn believe method actor and all-around tech wanker Ashton Kutcher is getting in on the action.

When he's not losing games, Rockets forward Dwight Howard? Oh yeah, he's coding too.

So yes, the enthusiasm is great, although it's a little hard to believe that these busy famous folks are spending a ton of free time type type typing away in the coding cave. At least is expressing the point is that anyone, seriously anyone, even Kelso, can code. [YouTube]