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We have seen veehee cool personal computer rigs. Seriously, really fraking amazing personal computer rigs. And then we saw a lot more of them. But this one beats them all. Because it kicks ass in space. See them in video:

Jump to 8:40 to see this impressive array of laptops and screens, upside down in the International Space Station. Or downside sideways. Or left to right to back and then up a bit. Or wherever the hell they are. The video shows some of the highlights from the seventh day—September 3—of space shuttle Discovery's mission STS-128, now docked to the ISS.


I wonder if they transmit their Wi-Fi signals using their pointy nipple antennas—because you know that in space it's cold, so your nipples get hard, and therefore conduct wireless signals a lot better than relaxed nipples. [Boing Boing]

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