Philips' Expanding Bluetooth Speaker Promises Much Better Bass

Humanity's endless march to make gadgets smaller has led to countless compromises in the name of miniaturization. Thinner smartphones mean terrible battery life, and compact wireless speakers seem to completely forget our ears love bass. At least Philips is trying to fix the latter with its new FL3X Bluetooth speaker that expands like a collapsible cup to create a resonance chamber that promises to improve its bass performance.


Available in four color schemes including black and white or lime and black options not pictured, the FL3X boasts 12 hours of wireless battery life on a single charge via a microUSB port. It can of course be used when squished flat to keep it as compact as possible, but for a little more audio fidelity you'll want to pop out the top and bottom. Come March you'll be able to snag one for just $50, and never have to rely on your smartphone's crappy built-in speakers the next time you hit the beach. [Philips]

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