Phonak Audéo Personal Communication Assistant, Used to be Called a Hearing Aid

Since we last told you about Phonak hearing aids a year and a half ago, the Swiss company's made strides to further advance the devices' compact form factor and high-fidelity sound. The new Audéo Personal Communication Assistant (PCA) is available in two different styles and 15 color combinations. It's discreetly tucked behind the ear and plugged into the ear canal with a transparent material that's nearly invisible.


This Audéo model is even suitable for severe hearing loss, using a dual microphone design that can separate background noise from speech. Phonak also makes a variety of smaller hearing aids suitable for mild or moderate hearing loss, and some of those babies are so tiny they fit all the way inside the ear canal and out of sight. Pricing for these high-style hearing instruments runs from $1500-$3500 each. [Audéo World, via Coolest Gadgets]

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