Photoshop Contest: What Is Tim Cook Really Drawing?

Tim Cook, who at nearly 60 years of age has decided to lean into internet memes, tweeted out his own photoshopped version of a (widely edited) promotional image for the iPad Mini today to announce the sequel to the Airpods. Cool.

Is any of that especially important? Absolutely not, but that’s what in we in the news business call “context,” a tradition largely descended from pay-by-the-word publishing practices that few websites still ascribe to. Who cares! You’re here to make it look like one of the world’s most powerful CEOs is drawing something stupid on a tablet.


Like is:

Image: Tom McKay (Gizmodo)

Or this:

Image: Bryan Menegus (Gizmodo)

Or this:


You might notice that in the original photo from Monday, Tim’s hand cast a shadow on the screen which is not present in the meme he tweeted today. So in addition to the blank image below, we’re providing a Photoshop template with the shadow included as a separate layer in an effort to prove we’re better than the second-wealthiest company on Earth. (We are.)


Go make some garbage and post the outcomes below, you sweet, wretched animals.

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