Pink Taser Looks, Stuns Like a Toy

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It's unfortunate that this pink seal Taser isn't an actual Taser and only gives people a slight zap. Why's that? Because it would be quite funny to see a mugger be taken down with a cellphone strap that's shaped like a pink seal when trying to steal some lady's bag. On second thought, instead of a pink seal, it may be even funnier to have one shaped like the recording artist Seal. That'd show them.


And if you're wondering, yes, this came from Japan. Where else?

Product Page [Strapya via Sci Fi]

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If all it does is give a little shock, wouldn't that just piss someone off? It would seem to be more of an inciting incident device rather than one to bring about a de'nouement. Or is there some purpose to this other than annoying people? Clearly I am confused.