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It just keeps getting weirder. I mean, at this point, you'd almost think Pizza Hut was trying to get out of the pizza game entirely. First there were hot-dog stuffed crusts, now they're rolling out burger-studded pies.


Per the Pizza Hut Middle East's Crown Crust Carnival commercial, the Crown Crust Burger is made with "perfectly grilled mini-cheeseburger gems, nestled in golden crown crust." This is already silly because if you want a burger, just order a burger. (And if you want a pizza, you're not going to order this.) But it doesn't stop there. The beef-bejeweled crust is then topped with more beef, lettuce, tomato, and Pizza Hut's "special sauce." It's not even pizza anymore. It's a large burger-cradling bread with a deconstructed version of itself in the middle.


Is nothing sacred? Is there a pre-schooler running their product development? Can someone in the Middle East please try one and report back to us? [LaughingSquid]

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