Play Dueling iPods On JVC's Dual-Dock Shelf Systems

Illustration for article titled Play Dueling iPods On JVC's Dual-Dock Shelf Systems

JVC's got not one but two new shelf systems out, and each features not one but two iPod docks. That's one to play The Wizard of Oz, and one to play The Dark Side of the Moon.


The JVC NX-D2 is a 230-watt system that has a three-way speaker design and the ability to charge and play your two iPods simultaneously. It's also got a USB Host, AM/FM tuner, and CD player, the last of which seems particularly redundant. Its wimpier 60-watt cousin, the UX-F3, has a pair of two-way speakers and is other wise similar to the NX-D2. The former will be available this month for about $400, while the latter hits stores in May for about $200. That is, unless you find a double coupon. [Far East Gizmos via Uber Gizmo]


I'd like to see something like this that allows you to set limiting and compression of the iPod output. I've found that Sound Check produces poor results. My tracks playback at wildly different levels and I have to adjust the volume accordingly. Bottom line - - Sound Check sucks.