We asked you yesterday whether you were happy or annoyed that rumble is back on the DualShock 3 for the PS3, but this new revelation may change your answer. GameDaily BIZ confirmed with SCEA that the rumble technology in the DualShock 3 is exactly the same as the on in the DualShock 2, and doesn't take advantage of "Immersion's new next-generation vibration technology."


This is undoubtedly because Sony didn't want to license anything more than they had to from Immersion, who caused this whole rumble/no rumble mess in the first place with the lawsuit. After paying up to Immersion, Sony could put rumble back in to their DualShock 3s—which works just fine with the SIXAXIS sensing technology at the same time. As if anyone believed that rumble and motion sensing couldn't work together in the first place, which was Sony's first excuse. [GameDaily]

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