PlayStation Firmware 2.1 Brings Blu-ray 1.1, DivX and World Peace

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Click to viewAccording to the UK PlayStation page, new firmware 2.1 could be hitting tomorrow (technically their lead is "An update to the PS3 system software was released on December 18, 2007") and it's brought treats for everyone in the class. First and foremost, we finally get Blu-ray Profile 1.1, otherwise known as the "final standard profile." Among other things, it means that picture-in-picture will now work on PS3 Blu-ray.

Also, as we told you not so long ago, DivX will be supported as well...with three caveats. Files cannot be over 2GB, files with copyright-protection and files made from DivX 3.11 or earlier cannot be played. Oh, and the biggie: no XviD support yet...unlike the Xbox 360.


In addition, WMVs will be supported, enhanced audio bitmapping will be an option, and most importantly, a Voice Changer has been added. You know, so 10-year-olds sound a bit more intimidating when they call you a "gay damn" or "fucker pussy" or some other bastardization (no pun intended) of cursing. [playstationuk]

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FINALLY PS3 team does something how many games will be screwed up because of the firmware update? and a 2GB limit on files? can anyone confirm if there is a limit on the 360? I hope this means things are looking up for the PS3, I have been wanting an excuse to buy one and every time I get almost ready they go and screw something up and I have to retaliate to bashing the "potential" the system has. On another note...isn't there a 2.0 profile? how is 1.1 the "Final" standard?