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Just a few weeks ago, the world's tiniest video camera was as small as a grain of rice. Today, the world's nanoest camera is even smaller.


It's made by medical device company Medigus, and it's only 0.99mm wide. The measly fraction of a millimeter doesn't seem like much, but it means a lot in the world of endoscopic/medical procedures. Using a 0.66 x 0.66mm CMOS sensor, this puniest of cameras produces images with a resolution of 45,000 pixels (just under 1/20th of a megapixel).

What's maybe more interesting is that an increasing number of these miniature medical cameras are disposable. It's kind of strange to think that something so utterly precise, so meticulously designed and engineered is so completely disposable, even if it's disposable for the right reasons (anti-yuck ones, since these things go inside of people). [PR Newswire via CNET]


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