Police Searching For "Plasma Pat, The TV Discount Guy"

Have you seen this man? If so, you need to contact the Largo, Florida police department. He calls himself "Plasma Pat," but in reality he is a scam artist stealing money from Walmart patrons.

"Plasma Pat" aka 60-year-old Joseph Wesley Torma, befriends people outside of Walmart stores and leads them to believe that he is an employee that can use his discount to score them a deal on a new TV set. With cash in hand, Torma walks into the store and sneaks away—leaving his victims hanging in the parking lot. If that wasn't bad enough, he has called the police on several occasions during his crime spree just to taunt them.


So far, Torma has conned victims in at least a dozen spots in Florida, but the police believe he may be on his way to Texas. So if you are a Walmart shopper in the Lone Star State—keep your eyes peeled for Plasma Pat. [CNN]

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