Postal Service Mail Handler Steals 2,200 GameFly Rentals

Both GameFly and Netflix package their by-mail rentals in bright, obvious envelopes, and a Philadelphia mail handler took advantage, stealing 2,200 GameFly games in just six months. When he was caught, he had 81 games on him. 81!

Reginald Johnson, a mail processing clerk in Germantown, Philadelphia, apparently stole every GameFly envelope that came his way, selling them back to GameStop for quick cash. The Post Service began to get suspicious when, we imagine, nobody in the greater Philadelphia area received GameFly rentals for six whole months, and an investigation led them to Johnson. Johnson, in turn, led the police on a chase, until he crashed his SUV, at which point he made a break for it, carrying 81 stolen games in a duffel bag. Johnson is likely to receive 12-18 months jail time for his crimes.


He didn't break the record 3200 Netflix DVDs stolen earlier this year, but remember: Games are worth more. So Reginald Johnson can feel like a winner, in jail, where he'll be for the next year or two. []

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