Posture-Detecting Monitor Will Nag You If You Slouch

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You spend your whole day staring at your monitor, but would it freak you out if your monitor was staring back at you? Phillips' new ErgoSensor display keeps an eye on your posture and provides suggestions on how you should sit to keep your back and eyes healthy.


As its name implies, the new ErgoSensor monitor has a built-in sensor technology that helps keep your back straight over the course of a long day at work. Initially, the 1080p display will help you set it up. It takes a look at how you are sitting and then suggests better viewing angles and better ways to set the display up on your desk. As the day progresses and your posture inevitably starts to break down a little bit, the monitor will alert you, and prompt you to sit up to make your posture a little better.

This monitor's always keeping close watch and it keeps track of how long you've been working so it will occasionally suggest that, hey, maybe it's time for a break, go walk around the block. When you walk away, the display knows you're gone turns itself off. [Phillips via SlashGear]

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Harry Sawyers

I sat up a little straighter after reading this.