In today's YouTube video, President-Elect Obama sounded off on a few tech ideas that have, frankly, been a long time coming. He notes that the States ranks 15th in the world in broadband adoption, and lays out his plan to bring networking to all public domains.

Usually, Obama tosses in a mention or two about how important technology is, but today, we really see what he plans to do. He pledges to have broadband internet access available to all Americans, and promises to bring networked access to every doctor's office, public school, and hospital. Part of Obama's economic recovery plan will go directly to modernizing public hospitals, first and foremost to digitize all medical records.


He does leave out certain important concepts, most importantly how he's going to pay for all this, and I'm unclear on how exactly he plans to force ISPs into reaching into parts of the country where they can't turn a profit. What do you guys think? []

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