Preventing A Moon-Earth Collision With His Bare Hands. Slaughtering Bigfoot. What Can't Lou Ferrigno Do?

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The Earth and the Moon are about to collide, so it's a good thing Lou Ferrigno has been blown up to giant-size. If you thought Ferrigno's Hercules was batty, the sequel Adventures Of Hercules goes much, much further.

This time around, the gods (including Zeus, as you saw from the above clip) get involved much more directly than in the first film. And Herc gets pushed to his sweaty limits to deal with all the crazy shit that goes down, including a rainbow that zaps him into an energy body so he can swim/zap to the bottom of the ocean.

At one point, a bunch of energy people attack, and Hercules' lady companion kicks one of them repeatedly in the crotch. Because that's obviously the most vulnerable part of a person made of pure energy:

Hercules beats the crap out of Bigfoot, even though he keeps doing somersaults over Herc's head. He kills Bigfoot so hard, the Sasquatch turns into a lightning bolt:


The evil King Minos forces one of Herc's lady friends to stab herself, then kidnaps another one, while Zeus and some woman with a really awesome helmet watch. The intrigue in this movie is almost too intriging.