Project 2000 Video - Apple Computer (1988)

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In 1988 Apple produced this video to accompany its very cool Project 2000 competition. The short video showcases different machines and features that Apple saw as just around the corner. Though Project 2000 was a student competition, this video doesn't show the winning team nor their Apple tablet of the future; rather we hear Steve Wozniak, Alvin Toffler, Alan Kay, Diane Ravitch, and Ray Bradbury talk about their hopes for the computer devices of the future.

While I wince a little seeing the techno-reactionary and future-shocker Alvin Toffler talking about how great it would be to read books in any language — isn't this the guy who wants the future to slow down?— it's really cool to see Wozniak's enthusiasm for the personal computer revolution.

The implication of this much computing power at a very affordable cost is partly one of those because of the fact it is so radically different than anything we could have ever expected. Where the very hugest super-computers of my lifetime, early in my lifetime, are now equalled by inexpensive personal computers that you can buy everywhere and anyone can own. It's like you can't even say where this is going to go.


Thanks to Tim Carmondy for pointing me to this great video.

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