Proof Google Glasses Can Take Non-Shitty Pictures

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Everyone's still trying to figure out what we'll do with Google Glasses—24/7 Hangout? Add a +1 to having sex with your wife? Look like a fashion victim? At least now we know they can take a decent picture.


It was looking a little rough for the ol' glasses when they were brought out on the Charlie Rose Show—and snapped a pic of the host looking like a melting wax effigy. Maybe that was an older model. Maybe it was just the poor lighting. But now we've got a sample shot from the sunny outdoors, and it looks like something you might actually want to share on Facebo—or, Google Plus, I guess, if that's still around by the time Google Glasses appear.


Google honcho Sebastian Thrun posted the shot of his son Jasper, spinning around merrily, from an adorable first person perspective. It's not hard to imagine the wide appeal of being able to lock eyes with your loved ones for a photo canceling out the nerd look of having a computer on your face. But how did he take the picture with both hands occupied? Do you look at a shutter button? But then you're not looking at your son as you whirl him around by his twig arms. Do you say "take picture" or something like that? That'll be a weird thing Google expects us to do in our intimate family moments.

Anthropological concerns aside, the 3 MP picture should calm those who look forward to an Android-faced future. Your eyeball-cam will not yield trash. [Sabastian Thrun via PetaPixel]