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Protect Yourself from Visigoths with Roman Siege Engine, Now for Sale on eBay

Want to be the scariest ancient history buff in your neighborhood? A couple of timber engineers are selling their re-creation of a Roman ballista, which they made for a Discovery Channel documentary, on eBay. Though the 12-ton, 24 foot-tall war machine needs a little restoration work and doesn't currently function, the engineers insist that it can be made into a fire-able weapon if the right people get involved. All you need is roughly $44,000 to show your neighborhood Hannibal who's boss. [eBay via Boingboing]


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I always wonder why, when they build these large wood structures, they never hire a team of Amish people. I mean, they raised a barn on Monday, and soon they'll raise another. I really would love to see what happens when people experienced in building large things in wood attempt this.