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Prototype Bluetooth Glove Brings New Possibilities to Gaming

Illustration for article titled Prototype Bluetooth Glove Brings New Possibilities to Gaming

Not only can this prototype Bluetooth glove act as a theoretical Wii controller, it can pretty much talk to any Bluetooth device out there. The glove is made out of standard acrylic, but has fingertip sensors that induces a current when touched together. By making different combinations between your fingers and thumbs, you could send one of a few signals to be picked up by other Bluetooth devices.


Some possible uses once this thing gets to market could be Nintendo Wii air-guitar, a Minority Report interface, or virtual nipple tweaking over the internet. There's not a day that goes by that we don't get an email asking us when internet nipple tweaking is coming.

Fingertip control [Engineer Online via Talk2MyShirt via Uber Gizmo]

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so, can this really be used for virtual nipple twisting (tweaking too, I suppose)?

I see the glove as the perfect interface for controlling the soon-to-become-master-of-the universe mood guessing robot. Just as long as it does not step outside the 30ft effective area.