Prototype Toothpaste Changes Flavors According to the Weather

Illustration for article titled Prototype Toothpaste Changes Flavors According to the Weather

The toothpaste industry is in need of a shakeup! Whitening strips aren't enough. MIT's Media Lab has developed a prototype toothpaste that spits out different flavors according to the weather and temperature outside.


Their idea, called 'Tastes Like Rain' is simple: hook up a simple computer to a toothpaste dispenser. The toothpaste dispenser is then set to spit out three types of toothpaste. If the flavor is mint, it's colder outside than yesterday. If the flavor is cinnamon, it's hotter outside. If there are stripes in the paste, that means there's precipitation.

The goal is to eventually create a base station that'll act as computer-powered dispenser with individual tubes available as refills. I think it could be a neat-ish idea, I always forget to check the weather on my phone but hardly ever forget to brush my teeth. Plus, it's not changing my daily routine whatsoever. [CNET]



I got immediately disappointed when I read that it's actually a stupid base station than decides which tubes to push harder. I want a weather-sensing paste, no matter how much toxic waste I have to shovel in my mouth.