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PSA: Order Your Christmas Gifts From Amazon by Friday for Free Shipping

Illustration for article titled PSA: Order Your Christmas Gifts From Amazon by Friday for Free Shipping

Friendly reminder: if you're ordering gifts from Amazon and you want to get them with free shipping by Christmas, you have to order them by Friday, December 19. Make your list, check it twice, etc.


But that's not the last day you can order, period. Prime members can still get free two-day shipping up until the 22nd. For paid one-day shipping, you have until the 23rd. And you can cut it even closer; Amazon is offering same-day delivery for orders made as late as 10am on Christmas Eve. If you remember correctly, though,last year UPS did botch some last-minute Amazon orders, so earlier is always better. [Amazon via The Verge]

Update: If you're ordering anything from Barnes & Noble, you also have until Friday the 19th to get free shipping (for B&N members).


Image by Mike Seyfang under Creative Commons license

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Organized Chaos

For those experienced with Amazon ordering, what is the norm for the time it takes to ship an order off? I ordered something from them for the first time this past weekend. I placed the order late Saturday night, so I expected it not to process till Monday morning. The status finally changed to "Preparing for Shipping" last night and as of almost 11:30 this morning local time, it has yet to ship. I've had more experience ordering things from companies and individuals off of eBay and they almost always ship same day. What is Amazon like?