PSA: The Darkwing Duck DuckTales Special Is Streaming for Free on YouTube

Darkwing Duck, causing problems. Just like old times.
Darkwing Duck, causing problems. Just like old times.
Image: Disney XD

The terror that flaps in the night is a perfect companion for Halloween viewing. Even if he’s not really that scary.


As you might know, DuckTales recently aired, as part of its latest season, a forty-five minute Darkwing Duck special that spends a lot of time in the purple superhero’s world. It introduces a lot of important elements of the character and maybe inches us closer to the standalone series he clearly deserves. Most importantly, it introduces Gosalyn Mallard, the hero’s erstwhile sidekick/conscience and, let’s be real, the real hero of Darkwing Duck’s ensemble. Now the whole special is available for free on YouTube.

It’s a good special, too, drawing everyone into a multi-dimensional supervillain conspiracy. Which is, honestly, pretty ambitious for a cameo episode. Definitely check it out, and don’t forget to admire that wide-brimmed hat Darkwing is wearing. That hat is iconic, folks. Don’t you forget.

DuckTales airs on Disney XD.

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