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There's been no good reason that PSP users have had to download content through a PC or PS3 when the system can connect to Wi-Fi networks just fine on its own. Now Sony has revealed that a PSP Wi-Fi store is indeed in the works and slated to arrive in a firmware update this fall (confirmed for Japan only, we believe, but surely coming to the US as well). Ironically, when Sony is finally letting the PSP run free, they'll also be offering a new reason to connect the device to a PS3.A supported infrastructure mode will bring new functions to ad hoc PSP games by playing them through the PS3. Assumably using the PS3 as a dedicated multuplayer server, options like voice and text chat will become available through the console, along with (improved?) online matchmaking. Hopefully, by exploiting the PS3's backbone, the PSP will be able to perform some neat tricks beyond the stuff we've already seen before. [IGN via PSPFanboy]


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