PT33 Personal Tracking System

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Assuming that you get lost in the woods more often than not, then the PT33 personal tracking device from StartsNav may be worth a look. Besides looking like a toy, the PT33 promises to alert whomever you've selected—mom, dad, big sister, the hobo on the corner with whom you've established a rapport, etc.—once you hit the appropriate button. The PT33 will send your current GPS-derived location to your selected party who then will choose to save you or let destiny takes it course.

SMS can be configured to do real-time tracking, while Bluetooth or USB can be used for data downloading, of the "where were you last night?" variety, since the PT33 has the ability to save 14,400 different locations. It'll last 73 hours when in standby mode but only 12 with GSM and GPS turned on. A potential lifesaver, available when? Your guess is as good as ours, since StarsNav didn't bother revealing that information.

Product Information [StarsNav via Shiny Shiny ]