Puke Into the Centrifuge That Is the Storm-G Arcade Game

Just like any other racing game, the object of Sega's Storm-G is to get down to the finish line as quickly as possible. However, unlike other racing games, there's a twist—literally.


Storm-G is a futuristic bobsled arcade game that features a cockpit, which physically turns you around at every turn. While simulating tunnels, it'll also flip you in insane 360-degree circles that are definitely bound to make you puke and give you whiplash. Kind of makes you wonder if gamers will have to sign a waiver before pretending to be Jamaican bob-sledders. [AkihabaraNews via UberGizmo]



That guy looks disturbingly like one of my exes. Right down to the geek-gasm face he gets whenever the game flips him over.