Pull-Navi System Gives Directions and Dumbo-Like Ears

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I used to be excited about iPhone turn-by-turn navigation, but the Pull-Navi system (straight from Tokyo University of Electro-Communications' crazy folks) is way better. It comes with a stylish helmet and will yank on ears until they look like Dumbo's.


For those that just can't be bothered to glance at a map or screen in order to figure out where to walk, Pull-Navi is perfect because it takes advantage of reflex:

The ear navigator, called Pull-Navi, has six helmet-mounted motors to pull the wearer's ears forward, backward, left, right, up and down. The designers say people follow its lead almost instinctively - pull left and they turn that way; pulling both ears forward or backward at the same time makes them speed up or slow down; and tugging up or down heads them up or down stairs.

Does this vaguely remind anyone else of how horses are guided? [Japan Times]

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If it works remotely, it can be used by lazy parents to pull on their kids' ears with the push of the button.