Pupdates From Lady and the Tramp, Hope for Swamp Thing, and More

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What’s up, dog?
What’s up, dog?
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Phoebe Waller-Bridge discusses the nightmare fantasy of James Bond. Daniel Radcliffe stars in a dystopian nightmare of his own in a new still from Guns Akimbo. Ian Ziering still has hopes that Swamp Thing could survive cancellation. Plus, a new look at the CW’s Nancy Drew show, and behind the scenes on Ad Astra. To me, my spoilers!

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Sophie Cookson is in talks to star alongside Mark Wahlberg in Infinite, Antoine Fuqua’s adaptation of D. Eric Maikranz’s The Reincarnationist Papers. The story concerns a secret society whose members are continuously reincarnated to battle a genocidal madman. [Variety]


Good Morning, Midnight

According to Deadline, Kyle Chandler has joined the cast of George Clooney’s upcoming Netflix adaptation of Good Morning, Midnight as “an American astronaut named Mitchell.”


There’s Someone Inside Your House

Meanwhile, THR reports The Walking Dead’s Sydney Park has secured the lead role in Patrick Brice’s adaptation of the Stephanie Perkins novel, There’s Someone Inside Your House. Co-starring Theodore Pellerin, Ashja Cooper, Dale Whibley, Jesse LaTourette, Burkely Duffield, and Diego Josef, the story concerns a masked killer exploiting the dark secrets of a graduating high school class.



In conversation with the Italian outlet Il Venerdi, Joaquin Phoenix revealed he studied sufferers of pseudobulbar affect in order to perfect his Joker laugh.

I watched videos of people suffering from pathological laughter, a neurological disorder that makes individuals laugh uncontrollably.


Bond 25

Speaking with THR, Phoebe Waller-Bridge described the James Bond franchise as a “fantasy nightmare” with the “potential to birth new, iconic characters all the time.”

There’s something about James Bond that always intrigued me in a similar way that Villanelle did. They live a fantasy! But it’s a life none of us would ever want, if we’re honest. We don’t want to go put a bullet in someone’s head to sleep with people and have martinis. It’s a kind of fantasy nightmare. The whole thing has potential to birth new iconic characters all the time.


Untitled Alexandre Aja Haunted House Movie

Collider reports Crawl’s Alexandre Aja will direct an “interactive haunted house movie” featuring a branched narrative written by Jeff Howard (The Haunting of Hill House), Nick Simon (The Girl in the Photographs) and “based on an idea by Howard and Mike Flanagan.” Amblin Partners will work alongside Kino Industries’ CtrlMovie technology to allow audience members to “vote in the theater to decide what characters will do at pivotal points in the narrative” by using an app on their cell phones.


Guns Akimbo

Bloody-Disgusting has our first (official) look at Daniel Radcliffe in Guns Akimbo as Miles, “a lovelorn man whose mundane existence is turned upside-down when he finds himself enrolled in a dark social media movement that forces strangers to fight in a city-wide game of death, live-streamed worldwide to a fanatical audience.” Fun!

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Lady and the Tramp

We also have a new photo of the live-action Lady and Tramp as they appear on the cover of Disney’s Disney Twenty-Three magazine.


Ad Astra

James Gray and Brad Pitt discuss Ad Astra in another new featurette.

The Walking Dead

Deadline reports Joe Holt has joined the tenth season of The Walking Dead as Leo Bennett, “a solid family man and respected professor with a generous heart and unwavering optimism for the future. He’d risk his life to save the people he cares about.”


Swamp Thing

In conversation with Syfy Wire, Ian Ziering stated he “thinks its entirely possible” DC Universe will change their mind on the recently canceled live-action Swamp Thing television series.

It’s the biggest disappointment of my professional career. I was reliving my youth, and the fun of the 8-year-old inside of me getting to play the Blue Devil, working with Derek Mears and Crystal Reed, and all the people on that show. James Wan… it was such an unbelievable show. It’s very sad that that ended with 10 episodes, unfinished. I know they had plans for so many.


Zombie Tidal Wave

Speaking of Ian Ziering, Syfy has also released a new trailer for this Saturday’s TV movie, Zombie Tidal Wave.

Nancy Drew

Finally, a new trailer for the CW’s horror-noir Nancy Drew series takes a page from Dario Argento’s Profondo Rosso.

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