Pushing Daisies' Comic Continuation May Be Here Sooner Than You Think

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Is the much-discussed Pushing Daisies comic coming before the end of the year? Creator Bryan Fuller thinks so, and he's already talking publishers, writers and artists. Ned and Chuck will live again... again. Spoilers!


Talking to SciFi Wire, Fuller explained that he's already in discussions with Warner Bros. to get the publishing rights for the series, and Marvel Comics, to publish the series, which sounds... well, pretty damn good to this PD fanboy:

I am going to pull together the Pushing Daisies writing staff. It will be run like a writer's room, where I will write the first story, and we will arc out the other issues, which will comprise what we were going to do in the back nine. We'll also make it accessible for those who are not familiar with the TV series, as well as introducing villains we couldn't do on ABC. There is a villain from the Comic-Con preview comic about a guy who got his head cut off. Ned touched it to get some answers; the body came alive too and proceeded to grab his head and get away. We definitely want Head to come back as a big villain... In many respects, [the comic will] probably [be] season three. We're going to see a lot of exploration with Ned and his father, which we teased but were never able to make good on. We had George Hamilton save Ned and Chuck, and by having Emerson and Dwight Dixon clean up the whole mess we're going to understand who Dwight was to Chuck and Ned's dad. Dwight will be making a return, and we'll be seeing the adult Eugene Mulchandani and Danny that involves helium smuggling. There's a lot of fun stuff woven into the series that we were intending to pay off that we can now do in the comic-book series. The fans of the show will see a lot of stuff come to fruition, but new fans will have a greater appreciation, too.

In terms of artists, Fuller's thinking of a fellow Heroes alum, Tim Sale:

He's such a nice guy, and I have a really good relationship with him, so I'm hoping he'll be able to work with us. His art is so specific and has an interesting point of view, specifically with [Sale's Batman series with Jeph Loeb,] The Long Halloween. That was such a perfect melding of comic-book writer and artist, so I'd love to do something like that.

If all rights issues can be worked out, Fuller hopes that the series can begin as early as the fall.

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Isn't Dwight Dixon dead?