Qantas Airline Has New Rules For Dells

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If you've got a Dell laptop and you're going to be flying Qantas sometime soon, be aware of their new rules regarding your precious lappy. The airline still allows you to carry on your Dell in your standard carry-on, but if you want to use it, there's only two options. One is to remove your battery and move up to first or business class and power your computer via power supply. The second is to just use it on battery power, which is probably what most people are going to do anyway. What you can't do is have your battery inside your laptop while you're plugged in to the aircraft's power supply.


However, some airports are making people tape up their batteries entirely, which means your laptop's only usable if you plug it in.

Safety first for carry-on Dells [Sydney Morning Herald - Thanks Willy!]


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