Qualcomm's FLO TV Service Will Be Demoed On Snapdragon Smartbooks At MWC

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We've seen bits and pieces of Qualcomm's FLO live TV service, curiously even on an iPhone, but at MWC it'll be showing it off on Snapdragon-powered smartbooks. It enables real-time updates via Twitter while watching live TV.

If you don't have a Twitter account, or can't stand the thought of getting updates about footballers while watching a sports match, Qualcomm will also give the viewer info from breaking news services and other e-magazines. FLO TV has heaps of different channels to watch, including ESPN, Comedy Central, MTV, NBC and Nickelodeon. The jargon-filled press release is below, but in the meantime there should be some solid news including product launches with FLO TV coming this week. [Qualcomm via TechRadar]

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Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies, products and services, today announced FLO-EV, the next evolution of the FLO™ air interface for new deployments of mobile TV and other advanced broadcast mobile media services. Intended primarily for international markets, FLO-EV builds on the success of FLO technology to enable a rich suite of mobile content and services with greater channel capacity and significant performance improvements. FLO-EV is designed to help wireless operators lower the deployment costs for delivering multimedia content to mobile devices.

Analysts have predicted the global market for mobile media services will surpass $90 billion by 2018. Adoption of mobile media is being driven through a combination of increasing consumer awareness and industry investment. Wireless operators, broadcasters and content providers are all seeking to implement the best technologies to drive new mobile media business models. FLO-EV can help them by substantially lowering the cost of rolling out mobile media services while preserving features critical to the user experience, such as high-quality video, reduced power consumption, rapid channel changing times and increased channel capacity.

"As a technology enabler and leader in the mobile media space, Qualcomm is continually looking to improve the capabilities of FLO technology to deliver more advanced broadcast services to our worldwide customers," said Neville Meijers, senior vice president and general manager of MediaFLO Technologies. "FLO-EV is the result of our continued innovation and dedication to providing the most compelling and technically advanced offering to both wireless operators and mobile media consumers. By pushing the envelope with our design and development efforts, we are confident of staying at the forefront of the rapidly expanding and dynamic mobile media industry."

FLO-EV features a variety of technical enhancements to the original FLO Rev. A air interface (TIA-1099), including a 3-5 dB improvement in performance with the same spectral efficiency. This link margin can translate into a 30-50 percent reduction in capital and operating costs to deploy a FLO-EV network. Moreover, the costs savings can be realized without negatively affecting channel change times or increasing power consumption on the mobile device, thereby preserving a high-quality user experience. FLO-EV is well suited for new mobile TV network launches and as an upgrade to existing FLO Rev. A networks. FLO-EV can increase the channel capacity of a FLO Rev. A network by 50 percent or more using the existing transmit sites with no increase in radiated power.

The MediaFLO™ services platform enables the broadcast delivery of high-quality mobile entertainment and information to the mass market. In addition to live mobile TV, the MediaFLO platform supports enhanced mobile broadcast services such as streaming video and audio, clipcasting media, datacasting, interactive applications and targeted advertising – providing a compelling mobile media experience while enabling profitable business models. Invented for mobility and complementary to 3G and Wi-Fi services, the MediaFLO platform is designed to increase capacity and coverage and reduce costs for multimedia content delivery to unlimited mobile devices simultaneously. The MediaFLO platform is based on the FLO™ air interface, an open standard recognized by ETSI, ITU-R and TIA. Additional information is available at www.mediaflo.com.

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"FLO TV has heaps of different channels to watch, including ESPN, Comedy Central, MTV, NBC and Nickelodeon."

Yes. All of 20 channels that aren't worth the $10 or so a month it demands to watch TV on a 2" screen. Let's face it; Nickelodeon has turned to crap, MTV... just no... Comedy Central is only worth it from time to time, Fox News is never worth it... and so on.