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Question of the Day: Are You More Excited About iPhone Apps or 3G?

Illustration for article titled Question of the Day: Are You More Excited About iPhone Apps or 3G?

The App Store is up and firmware 2.0 has been leaked, so I'm feeling pretty content right now. Sure, 3G is awesome, but to be honest I was more excited about the App Store than anything else. So, my question is: Do you feel the same way? Are you more excited about the App Store or the 3G upgrade?



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fuck the fucking morons who fuckin' hate the fuckin' iPhone coverage at fuckin' Gizmodo but can't even use the fucking no:iphone filter, motherfucker.

Back on topic: the AppStore, if only because I'm leaving the country for 3 weeks starting tomorrow (on a 6AM flight out of Logan ) so can't buy the 3G even if I wanted to till August :-(

I guess I'll just take this opportunity to postpone my 3G purchase till the fall. In the mean time, the apps I've downloaded (nearly 15 now, several of them paid) are frikkin' awesome across the board.

I've had my iPhone jailbroken pretty much since last September, but I've never been so excited about 3rd party apps as I am now. This system works. Good job.. uh, Jobs.