Quirky Stem Turns Citrus Fruits Into Spray Bottles

Illustration for article titled Quirky Stem Turns Citrus Fruits Into Spray Bottles

If you prefer a fresh blast of lemon or lime juice on a salad instead of a heavy dressing, just jam Quirky's new Stem accessory into a citrus fruit of your choice, instantly turning it into a spray bottle.


Besides a set of serrated teeth on the bottom that let it easily pierce the skin, the mechanics of how the Stem actually works are a little vague. I mean the general idea is pretty obvious, but how it manages to avoid getting clogged with pulp and seeds is a mystery to me.

However its patent pending design works, the Stem is going into production with pricing details to be revealed when it's closer to being available. And while the first version will probably be limited to citrus fruits, I'm optimistic the technology can eventually be adapted to sticks of butter and hunks of ham to make sprayable versions of more delicious foods. [Quirky via The Green Head]

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Any product that requires a photoshop depiction to demonstrate how it works is suspect to me. Notice how the spray nozzle is not fully pressed when the spray comes out? Being that citrus juice is contained in thousands of individual membranes inside the fruit, I have doubts that anything that requires a puncture will have the vacuum potential to "suck" juice out of all those membranes by sheer finger press activation. It sure looks like an awesome idea though if someone could come up with a one press finger activated vacuum press.