R.I.P. Barry Letts, The Man Who Made Doctor Who Transcendental

Barry Letts, the producer of Doctor Who from 1970 to 1974, died at the age of 84. He was responsible for introducing Buddhist themes and ideas to the series during the Jon Pertwee era, and also cast Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor. I will always think of his strange, wonderful moment in the Doctor Who And The Daemons novelization, where the Doctor is driving along in Bessie (his yellow roadster) and bursts into song. Jo asks the Doctor why he's singing, when the world is about to end and everything is doomed. The Doctor replies that the world might end tomorrow, but for now, the sun is shining and he's singing.

Letts' involvement with the series continued for the rest of his life, including stepping back in as executive producer during the end of Baker's era, and producing audio plays starring Jon Pertwee in the 1990s. He will be missed. [Doctor Who News Page]



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