Radius 320 Seamless Display: Look Ma, No Borders

Our interest was piqued early this year when we saw the Zenview Command Center Elite with its six 24-inch Samsung LCD panels strapped together, but now here's something to top that: the Radius 320 seamless LCD display from Seamless Display Ltd., whose 50-inch diagonal screen appears to be somehow lacking those unsightly bezels and cracks between panels.


These blokes from Oxford claim to have optically erased those distracting borders between displays by using a specially-designed lens wedged between each panel. It doesn't require any special drivers, but you'll need a couple of video cards with a total of three DVI outputs with 1600x1200 resolution to get this baby going. Sure looks nice in the illustration, but we'd like to see one close-up before we get too excited. The company wasn't announcing pricing, but says the Radius 320 is now available for order.

Product page [Seamless Display Ltd., via Born Rich]

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