Rarest movie poster in the world on sale, features Frankenstein demanding sex

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What's the rarest movie poster in the world? This 1935 poster for Bride of Frankenstein, which boasts a chained, philandering Boris Karloff. Only one copy is known to exist, and you can own it for a mere $700K.

This racy poster is up for auction, and its sales price is estimated to crack $700,000. It's being sold by vintage poster collector Todd Feiertag, who sold a poster of Karloff's The Mummy for a record-breaking $453,500 in 1997. The "I DEMAND A MATE" poster will likely break The Mummy's record.


From Heritage Auctions:

Of the three one sheet designs originally produced for in-theatre promotion for The Bride of Frankenstein, this only known Teaser (Advance) poster boasts the most powerful image of the lot. With it's brilliant cherry red printing combined with the shocking image of The Monster in torn, burned clothing, shackled and chained to a heavy chair with rays of energy and light bursting behind, it simply does not get any better. The compelling tagline "I DEMAND A MATE" arguably provocative given the time, is further enhanced by challenging the reader with "WHO will be THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN" and "WHO will dare?"


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