Read the original script for Prometheus right now

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Did Ridley Scott's Alien prequel, Prometheus, ever really have a chance? Was there ever a script where scientists make logical decisions? Did the Engineers ever really make sense? Find out for yourself, because the first, pre-Damon Lindelof script (penned by Jon Spaiths) is online.

Prometheus Movie spotted this Scribd account hosting Alien: Engineers. Later on Spaihts confirmed the authenticity of the script in a tweet stating, "That's authentic."

So take a look and decide if you would have preferred a Prometheus with chestbursters. Personally, I think both versions are pretty flawed. The Spaihts version is missing the amazing isolated David wake up scene, and the Engineers continue to be a befuddling group of albino jerks from Planet CrossFit 16. Wish we could have seen a more gelled version of both the Spaiths and the Lindelof script. Here it it, let us know what you think in the comments!


Alien Engineers


Also on this scribd account, Spaiths' original script for The Darkest Hour.

Thanks for the tip, David.