Real Humans Don't Do Three Point Landings

This supercut of three point landings that debuted at ROFLCon this week is a gas to watch. But it also makes me realize that human beings basically don't do this. At all.


I mean, I watch sports, right? I dig parkour videos. I'm into gymnastics. Hell, I've even been to Cirque du Soleil because, you know, men in thongs. But I don't think I've ever seen an actual human pull this off outside of a movie setting.

It just doesn't happen. Or does it? Prove me wrong in the comments below.


Just for the record, the term "three point landing" refers to landing an airplane with an old-fashioned tailwheel. To land you have to first fly; many of these people were simply falling, with or without style.

Under normal circumstances landing any airplane involves stalling the wing at the moment the wheels touch the ground. In a tailwheel airplane doing this perfectly results in the two main wheels and the tailwheel touching the ground at the same time; a three-point landing. There is no such thing as a three point landing in a nose-wheel airplane; the mains touch down first, then the nose.

Back in my days as a pilot I made many three-pointers in Cubs, Decathlons and once in a Funk. Yes, Funk; look it up.