Refashion An Uzi Into A Doorbell For All Your Post-Apocalyptic Needs

YouTube personality Colin Furze has created some explosive, flashy things in the past, such as a Mad Max-style flamethrower guitar, and an explosive Death Star because, why not I suppose.


So it’s rare that we see something as simple as a doorbell show up on his successful channel. Furze introduced the CFDB 500c in a video uploaded on Thursday. It’s a system of three doorbells that account for noise and other activity so that he always knows when the mailman shows up.

But of course, in typical Furze style, we have to have an epic doorbell. The third piece in the system, made for his “bunker,” includes an Uzi that shoots bullets into a chute, that in turn drops them into a bowl and hits an alarm.


Furze installed the three doorbells to test them out and, for anyone who wants to reach him, included three different buttons at his front door.


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It shoots airsoft BBs, so it is a toy Uzi